i haven’t gotten eaten out in so long i’ve forgotten what it feels like. help.

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druuuuunk. ask me something.

Tags: lesbian

no one will ever love me

drunk. if you’ve ever felt like you didn’t dare to ask me something, do it right now

horny and lonely

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I want to fall in love and I want to be able to make someone fall in love with me.

everyone on my dash is so gorgeous and here am i, ugly as hell. no one will ever want me.

so sexually frustrated. just want a beautiful girl in my bed right now that I could please.

thinking you’re not good enough, giving it a shot anyway and then realizing that you were just as wrong as you thought from the start must be the most heartbreaking thing ever.

i just want to get away

Tags: sad upset lesbian

i don’t know if i want to do you or be you

is it that impossible to love me?

I would give anything to be beautiful just for one day. I want to know how it feels.